Public Meeting - Saturday, 1 April 2017

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The public meeting was based on the community meeting held last Saturday, 27 March 2017 was organised on 01 April 2017 by Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi MP with the support of the Associate Minister of Justice, Hon Mark Mitchell. The purpose of organising this follow up was to invite the New Zealand Police, officials from the Ministry of Justice and the Associate Minister of Justice to listen to the concerns of small business owners.


Majority of our small business owners are from the Kiwi Indian community who have been affected by aggravated robberies and attacks on themselves and their staff. Members of the community appreciated the opportunity to have an open and straightforward dialogue with key stakeholders. We had in-depth dialogue and discussion with positive exchange of ideas.


From the Government’s side, the Minister, myself and department officials shared strategic initiatives that we are taking towards improving youth crime action plans. The Government is focused on youth crime issues and the need to intervene early and more effectively to stop young people offending and prevent them moving on to even more serious crime. Poor educational engagement, adverse early life experiences, or family history in crime are often contributing factors for youth crime.


The Government’s half-billion dollar Safer Communities package will help resource youth aid officers and community constables to work with at-risk individuals and communities. Police are also partnering with the Ministry of Education to identify and refer 1000 young people each year to re-engage in education. The Government’s Offender Levy offers financial and emotional support services to victims of crime. It has generated more than $25 million since it was introduced.


We also sought feedback from the community on solutions.


The New Zealand Police are conscious of the increase in burglaries and are working hard to address this and keep our communities safe. We want to prevent these burglaries, capture those responsible and hold them to account. The Police informed retail owners how they can make their business a safer place and what they can do if they had to face an armed robbery. Police are raising the priority level of house break-ins and undertaking district-based burglary operations.


The Government has invested half-a-billion dollars in a Safer Communities package which includes boosting police numbers, and funding 20 additional ethnic liaison officers to help tackle crime in ethnic communities.   The package shows we are prepared to invest in programmes that deliver results and will make our communities safer. The package also comes with challenging targets for Police, including attending at least 98 per cent of all home burglaries within 48 hours. Police currently attend 96 per cent, and 86 per cent within 48 ho