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In my column earlier in the year I have discussed how employment changes planned by the current Government will hurt the New Zealand economy.

One of the largest sectors to be hit by these changes is our tourism industry.

It is therefore no surprise that the tourism sector has been critical of the proposed law changes as these changes will cause significant problems for our country’s tourism.

Changes to the rest and meal breaks mean that employers can no longer request their employees for flexibility in break times.

The flexible relationship that employees and employers used to mutually benefit from will now be based on laws and legislations.

Tourism is we all know is made up of a wide range of services that are required during different times of the day and different days of the week, hence this sector requires flexibility.

The Labour led coalition’s requirements that everyone takes rest and meal breaks at the same time is impractical for an industry that deals with international visitors.

It’s also telling that the tourism industry identifies that the 90 day trial changes will work in exactly the opposite direction than the Government intends.

The tourism sector employs eight per cent of our population. It is responsible for providing many of our youth their first jobs which keeps them engaged.

With the employment changes the sector has made it clear that it is a business risk for them to employ people. Their voice must be heard.

It is now up to this union driven Government to listen and engage with an industry that employs a significant number of New Zealanders.

Rather than impose changes the least that this Government can do is to engage with industries such as tourism.

Tourism is New Zealand largest export earner, made up of a large number of small businesses who are the lifeline of our economy.

If they haven’t earned the right to have their concerns acted on by central Government, then who has.

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